Beard Battalion “Red Sandalwood” 3-Step Growth System



  • STEP 1: 


    This unique deep cleansing shampoo has been specially formulated for beard texture hair and to maximize a clean and nutrient rich environment for natural hair growth. The shampoo effectively removes build up of sweat, oils, and dirt the first step in controlling the factors that can contribute to beard loss.


    The shampoo has been developed and tested to work in harmony with the Beard Battalion Beard OilUse this shampoo as your first step in the advanced beard growth system. This can be used as stand alone product as well, altho to maximize the full potential of beard growth, use the Beard Battalion Oil as well.

    Proper use of shampoo and beard oil can help you maintain your existing beard healthily while proactively growing near hair. It is very important that you wash your beard daily, and that you wash rinse and repeat

    Step 2:

    At Beard Battalion Co. we are committed to providing the BEST possible beard growth products in the SHORTEST amount of time. That’s why our products are FDA approved and contain maximal dosages with our Proprietary AbsorbTech Formula. 

    Simply put, the easier it is to absorb, the quicker the results will be. Our AbsorTech formula guarantees MAXIMAL RESULTS in minimal time.


    • Beard Battalion Red Sandal Wood contains a powerful 10% solution with Organic Red Sandalwood to promote extreme BEARD GROWTH. Our Proprietary Formula is 100% FDA approved for use by Men that needs to grow a beard ASAP 
    • Regular solution for the hair actually has DHT Blockers. This may work for your hair, but NOT for Beard Growth. Beard Battalions  revolutionary formula contains clinically proven ingredients that work synergistically to promote hair growth and help regrow and thicken FACIAL hair. The combination has been shown in studies to promote Facial Hair Growth like no other products on the market.
    • This complete hair growth formula includes: Solution 10%, Azelaic acid, Caffeine, Red Sandalwood and our Proprietary Blend.
    • For the best results, use for at least 3 months to grow new facial hair, thicken hair, and see significant hair growth. 100% money back guarantee! We want you to try and love our product risk free! If you do not see results from our product, send it back, and we will refund every penny of your purchase price. 
    • Made in the North America

    Step 3

    A real man knows mastering his beard makes him a front-runner in the game of life. But he also knows being in touch with his softer side means a better beard the ladies just can’t keep their fingers from. The Beard Balm Oil plays hard so you can win the War the Battalion way. The result is a whisper-soft scruff, laced with adventurous hints of grapefruit, tobacco flower, saffron and cedar. It’s the ultimate taming that leaves your beard wanting for more.

    Beard Oil Features:


    Olive Oil: 
    Acts as the Perfect Moisturizer for dry skin and hair. High in Nutrients so it promotes healthy facial hair to improve shine, protection and manageability

    Argan Oil:
    A natural hair protectant, promoting strnegth, smoothness and shine. Adds deep moisture. It nourishes and calms frizzy ends while replenishing dry skin.

    Sunflower Oil:
    Promotes hair growth evenly, so you can have a full set of beard hair. 

    Passion Fruit Oil:
    Rich in Vitamin C, Calcium and Phosporus. This oil has been used globally for hundreds of years.


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