Why use Argan Oil in our beards? Here's the answer

7 Reasons Argan Oil is Awesome for Beards

You will have no doubt come across Argan oil before (it also gets commonly labelled and referred to as Moroccan oil as well) in some of, shall we say, more "premium" beard products already…

… and there’s a pretty simple reason for that:

It offers a bunch of fantastic benefits for not just your beard but for your skin too.

See, you will only typically tend to see use of this ingredient in the higher quality beard oils, beard balms and the like because it is pretty expensive stuff. Hence it sometimes also goes by the name: “liquid gold” - not just for its colour.

It's been used for hundreds of years - however, despite it’s pretty awesome properties (that we’ll go into in just a second) it is only relatively recently that cosmetic companies have started to pick up on it and made use of it in their top of the line hair and skin ranges - now however, it’s popularity has literally rocketed over the last few years or so years.

What is it that makes argan oil so great then?

Now besides the fact that it has supposed healing properties and fights against wrinkles - when it comes to beards it is helping you out in two main areas: your beard hair and your skin.

This is because Argan oil is made up with a wide range of antioxidants and fatty acids (Omega 6 and the like) along with Vitamin A and Vitamin E, a great arsenal of ingredients that'll help fight the daily damage, that even the best beard trimmer cannot eliminate completely.

7 Benefits of Using Argan Oil for Your Beard

So exactly what are the main benefits that argan oil has to offer you and your beard? Let’s find out in the main 7 points below how good this stuff really is and why people work so hard to squeeze the oil out of the argan tree fruit seeds - after all, they don't look that juicy.

#1 Reduces inflammation

Now because argan oil is rich in oleic (omega 9) and linoleic (omega 6) fatty acids and when this is then combined with the bioflavonoids present - it means that argan oil boasts some pretty darn right powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

So whenever you are trying to maintain and trim a specific beard style such as a goatee or a Van Dyke or basically just trying to keep your bead “within the lines”- Argan oil will help to soothe and reduce any soreness or potential rash that could potentially start brewing.

#2 An all natural “deep” moisturiser

As argan oil is packed with various anti-oxidants and the like, it will do an excellent job of thoroughly conditioning and moisturising both your skin as well as your beard, making it feel softer, smoother and will also just appear healthier (often leaving a slight glisten to your beard).

Of course what it also doing is fighting against a whole range of beard problems as a result of your beard becoming dry and coarse. So it is great for preventing and treat beard itch (where it will soften bristles and soothe dry skin to prevent irritation), prevent your beard from becoming wiry and so on.

#3 A “light” and “fresh” feeling oil

What’s particularly great about this oil in the use of beard oils is that it’s considered to be what can be termed as a “light oil”.

All this basically means is that it won’t leave your beard feeling “heavy” or “weighed down” like you can get with feel some other rather greasy and oily oils, which can sometimes take a little edge off of a beard. Instead with argan oil it absorbs quickly into your beard and into the skin.

This means, you aren't left with that sort of greasy and oil feeling, instead just quick, clean and fresh.

#4 Healthy “spot free” skin

Argan oil has also been scientifically proven to reduce sebum production. Well, you might be thinking, hang on a second, isn't that sebum good for me? Ya know, a naturally occurring moisturiser that you said I should be holding on to?

Why yes it it.

However, reducing the amount of sebum produced, this can in turn help reduce the number of spots you may get and with lower levels of sebum being produced, people with naturally oily skin can also appear to have that “healthier looking complexion”.

All the while though, you aren't really losing out that much in terms of natural moisturisation either - as you are replacing oils you aren't producing with the argan oil itself - a naturally moisturising oil!

So how does it benefit your beard?

Well with less spots, not only does your beard look better, you are much less likely to be picking at your beard too (or the skin underneath), reducing the chance of creating any bald patches and damaging your beard,

#5 Battles against dry and flaky skin, preventing beard dandruff

The saponins naturally found in argan oil are incredible. While they may actually be mildly toxic if ingested, when used topically (on your skin) there are a whole host of benefits.

These naturally occurring chemical compounds can promote a reduction in flakey skin (resulting in potential beard dandruff), also aided through the oil’s moisturising abilities.

They can also even bolster “skin cells'” ability to regenerate, increasing the rate at which you produce new and healthy skin, helping to improve your overall appearance.

#6 Tame flyaways and frizzy beards (for a better looking beard)

Like we have discussed a little earlier, while the Argan oil is considered “light”, the fats it contains do help your beard hairs to retain additional moisture, keeping them sweet and supple.

This can help to reduce the amount of frizzy flyaway hairs you’ll see poking out from all over your beard.

This is helping you out in two ways.

First, the silhouette of your beard will have the appearance of being much more “clean cut” and offers you that overall more “groomed look”.

Second, with those previously unruly hairs now being once again in line with your actual beard, it will add some additional volume helping it to appear thicker and healthier overall.

Plus, you won’t also be tempted to keep snipping them off.

#7 Helps repair damaged hair and may promote additional beard growth

As your beard gets to the longer stage, you may find that if you aren't regularly combing and looking after your beard with an assortment of oils and the like, it can end up with an array of oncoming split ends.

However, this is where argan oil can come into play, as it has been claimed to help both prevent and treat those pesky beard split ends. Also, as it contains Vitamin E it will also help to repair any damaged hair too either through environmental factors (like the sun rays) or through applying too much heat.

In fact, this same Vitamin E, may not only help “repair” your beard hairs, but regular application can increase blood flow and in turn may actually promote hair growth for your beard too.

What beard oils contain argan oil?

Now you know exactly how good argan oil is for your beard, what beard oils can you find this special little ingredient in, below are four of our favourites:

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